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Here's what our customers are saying...

"When I came to 1st Choice Fitness I had no clue where to begin.  I knew I wanted to lose weight but did not know how to get the results I desired.  Michelle taught me that nutrition is most important.  She gave me a very easy to follow diet and exercise plan. So once I started eating right and working out with her, the first 10 pounds came right off! I'm still going and Michelle is a wonderful trainer! I've told all of my friends."  August 6, 2008
- Jennifer B., League City, TX 

 "Michelle is terrific!  The results I have achieved to date are mainly due to Michelle's perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!"    January 19, 2009      

- Courtney R., Houston, TX

“Michelle is an excellent personal trainer. She is knowledgeable, personable, and enthusiastic. She always comes prepared for the training session and works with the individual to their ability level. She knows how to push and extract the best performance from her client. Clients will be pleased with their training results under Michelle's guidance. I recommend her highly.” December 4, 2010

 - Dr. Mike D., Nassau Bay, TX

“Michelle and Ryan are true professionals and masters of their respected crafts. Ryan makes you feel as if self-defense is as necessary as the very air we breathe. Michelle is firm, but gentle. She gives you the confidence to get through that one last pushup!! I enjoy my workout experience with both of these guys and would recommend them if you are serious about maintaining a healthy life experience!” November 25, 2011

- Zaneta F., Personal Training & Self Defense Class

“Ryan and Michelle's meticulous knack for detail proves passion behind their purpose. Although these two are pros at what they do, one would assume that intimidation would serve as a major factor. Not at all! Their skill matched with their vibrant personality is a true indication of their experience to train beginners, such as myself! I was so excited to share some of the self defense techniques with my family! Michelle's patience, personality and strength is encouraging! I've also learned a few tools to kick up my walk/jog routine!” November 25, 2011

- Wyshonda M., Personal Training & Self Defense Class

“I am so thankful to have met Michelle and have the opportunity to take Boot camp and personal training – this has truly been a blessing for me! Michelle helped me with a meal plan and work out - setting a goal I was able to reach and she helped me get into the best shape ever! I had the opportunity to compete in the Mrs. Texas International Beauty Pageant in April 29, 2012, as Mrs. Houston 2012. I am so honored to have met such an amazing woman, personal trainer, and friend. I highly recommend Michelle to everyone I meet.” May 18, 2012

-Cynthia D., La Porte, TX


“I spent about 10 weeks in the 1st Choice Fitness Women's Boot Camp Classes and every single one was amazing! The workouts were challenging so I always felt a great sense of accomplishment when I made it through one. The classes were always small so I received the necessary amount of help and personal attention from the instructor, Michelle. In addition, my classmates and I always supported each other- making a tough workout much easier. Within the first few weeks, I noticed changes in my appearance. I was much more toned and eventually I began wearing a smaller pants size. Overall, the atmosphere at 1st Choice Fitness Boot Camp is always positive and it inspired me to work towards a more healthy lifestyle.” May 27, 2012

-Traci T., Houston, TX


"I have enjoyed Michelle as bootcamp instructor now for more than 5 years and I need to say she is an AWESOME instructor, combining challenging training with the right amount of humor, making it fun to enjoy training in ungodly early morning hours. If it was not for Michelle I would have not stayed with the group that long. Her bootcamp class keeps me motivated and I feel energized and motivated to get up at early morning hours. I feel in fairly good shape for my age and hope she’ll be providing this class for years to come." September 6, 2017
- Hans Z., Houston, TX  
"Michelle is truly a Godsend! Her unwavering, selfless commitment to making sure anyone who comes into contact with her leaves with a tip on how to live a healthier lifestyle is unmatched! I have been following Michelle's guidance virtually for nearly two years and have lost 20lbs and countless inches -- including two stubborn inches off of my waist!  Michelle has shown me how to make healthier food choices and lifestyle changes for myself and my family. She is genuinely dedicated and authentic in her "no excuses" approach to health and fitness -- she will push you to be the best version of yourself!" September 17, 2017
- Candyce T., Virtual Follower
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