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Certified Personal Trainer
Michelle V. Green

Michelle has always been in the fitness arena and helping family & friends reach their goals but didn’t officially pursue personal training until 2008 after someone told her she was a walking commercial for health & fitness. Since then she has obtained her personal training certification thru Professional Fitness Instructor Training (PFIT), American Council on Exercise (ACE), and is CPR/AED & First Aid certified. Her passion for fitness led her to train with retired, undefeated, professional Heavyweight Boxer Lee Canalito and 3rd Degree Black Belt Kuk Sool Won Martial Artist Ryan Green (who’s now her husband) to enhance her defensive skills. She also loves rock-climbing, kickboxing, horseback riding, roller skating and spinning. Michelle is an avid believer in mixing it up to stay fit – so she’s always trying something new.

Michelle conducts one-on-one personal training and she is also the head instructor of both the “1st Choice Fitness Women’s Only Boot Camp” and the “Space City Co-Ed Boot Camp”. Michelle’s training specialties include healthy weight loss strategies; cardiovascular fitness for overall heart health, strength/balance training, new client coaching & motivation, and most importantly health & fitness education. She continues to gain knowledge so that she can become an even better trainer and her clients can reap the rewards. Her clients speak to her effectiveness as a trainer. Although they reach & surpass their goals, they keep coming back to 1st Choice Fitness!





Third Degree Black Belt

Ryan D. Green

Ryan D. Green started training the korean martial art Kuk Sool under SBN Stephen Kellogg (KSN at the time) in the fall semester of 1998 at Texas Tech University at the age of 20. After graduating from Texas Tech in 2002, PSBN Green continued to practice Kuk Sool Won with PSBN Thompson in Dallas, TX, KJN Roper in Kingwood, TX, and KJN Barry Harmon in Clearlake, TX. He consistently began to train with KJN Barry Harmon in 2004 and was thoroughly impressed by both the wisdom and level at which he taught classes. PSBN gained unique experiences from SBN Kellogg, KJN Roper, PSBN Thompson, Lee and KJN Harmon, all of which have enriched his life and provided a wealth of knowledge to pass along. Each has set the standard for being an effective instructor in different ways and/or areas. Each of his instructors did their best and was consistent promoting the sense or spirit of a family. That is what PSBN Green continues to share with the students of 1st Choice Fitness and with his own students at Kuk Sool Won of River Oaks.

World KSW Tournament 2010 – 1st Place Sparring