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Q: What is 1st Choice Fitness?

A: 1st Choice Fitness is a personal training company that offers one-on-one, sports specific, self-defense, and boot camp services. 

We have been helping families effectively lose weight and feel great for some time and decided to offer our services to the public in 2008.


Q: Where does 1st Choice Fitness work with clients?

A: We work with clients in League City. Our women only boot camps, one-on-one and sports specific personal trainings are held at our indoor facility (in MarBella Community). We are flexible and service the Houston Clearlake area. We also offer quarterly self-defense workshops.

Q: How do I get started with 1st Choice Fitness?

A: We begin with a health and fitness consultation where we thoroughly review your health history, learn about and discuss your needs, establish goals and set timelines, and then conduct a health and fitness analysis. At your first session we’ll also discuss and set up a schedule that fits your needs and desires & discuss your new meal plan.

You're now ready to start working with your personal trainer to begin moving toward your health, fitness and weight loss goals. We offer payment plans - or savings through 1 upfront payment. 

We also offer pre & post health and fitness assessments with each boot camp session.


Q: What will I be doing in each workout?

A: Your workout (personal and boot camp training) is designed based upon your health history, your goals, any current limitations and your time available for exercise. Our focus is to educate you on all of the essential components of good health and to take you through well developed training sessions.  Clients generally start to feel differences after their first week of training.


Q: Can you make me look like a body builder?

A: If you're goal is to become a body builder, we'll refer you to the trainers who specialize in physique contests preparation. Our specialties are self defense, overall weight loss and lean muscle development.

Q: Do you help me with my nutrition and eating?

A: YES! Each client begins with a start-up meal plan. Nutrition and its importance is discussed during almost every training session.


Q: How long is each session?

A: Each private one-on-one, sports specific training, or boot camp session last for an hour. Each session incorporates multiple muscle groups with needed progression for each client. Self-defense training sessions last 2-3 hours and multiple workout formats are utilized.


Q: What should I wear and/or bring?

A: Wear what you’re comfortable wearing. Most clients train in a shorts and a t-shirt. Bring a towel and water. 

Q: Can my spouse, children or friend train with me too?

A: Yes, we encourage it. We also offer group training. One of our goals is to help as many people as possible get SOMEONE else involved in a healthy lifestyle!


Q: How much does it cost?

A: See our Personal Training and our Prices & Packages pages. Ask yourself what taking charge of your health, energy & vitality and getting into great shape is worth to you? 

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